Thursday, January 27, 2005

IITB - MOOD I - Rock Show

Went for the IITB Mood I Rock Show on 25th....
Wore this Megadeth T-shirt, and funky accessories, only to realize the other girls in my department were not turning up, and the guys came in their fav checked shirts, or spiderman t-shirt.
Anyways, within 5 minutes they had gotten over their shock (and I had gotten over mine :))
and we had quite a lot of fun.

There were 5 bands in all -- the first 3 were BORING.
next was ZERO - they were awesome - the lead singer had AMAZING energy - I went completely crazy, "sitting" with my friends and "head-banging" like there was no tomorrow :)) Parikrama - the band was sort-of better, they had more "well-defined" personalities on stage, and they played amazing songs - "But it rained", and "Yellow" by Coldplay, but honestly not much of the head-banging type of numbers. Had attended Parikrama 4 years ago in RAIT - and trust me, they have improved drastically in the past 4 years.
Got up and stood with the crowds for the last 3-4 of their songs, it was awesome - the energy was contagious.

Now, I have sprained my neck (all that head-banging), and couldnt move at all yesterday. Slightly better now, so am sitting in front of the comp, completing my compilers assignment, and writing this of course.
My friends of course think I'm crazy cause I'm in so much pain, and yet have plans to go next year.... but ....... :)

Got my compilers 1st assgt marks today - below the class average - sort-of depressed now...
Back to assignments.....

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