Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Attended a lecture today on "Self-Referential Systems" where a guy from some New York University, wearing a "I love NY" cap, explained why a system cannot try to explain its own properties, without getting into trouble. He used set theory for most of his lecture, saying that even high school students would be able to get most of what he was explaining - I couldn't :((....

Anyways, at the end of his lecture, he gave this example :
"This is an unprovable statement"
Now if this statement is provable, then it is also a false statement, and hence it cannot be proven in the first place, leading us to a contradiction.

This implies that the statement must be TRUE and UNPROVABLE, thus proving the EXISTENCE of statements that are true, but cannot be proven to be true.

It got me thinking "Is this one way of looking at and believing in God - someone who is true (exists) but cannot be proven to be true?"
It was one of the only times in my life when I considered the possibility that God may exist - Blew me apart by the logic ......

I must say - Logic Rocks !!

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  1. Good boy, read Smullyan's books and you will learn all about logic the easy way.