Friday, February 18, 2005


Went for dinner to h-1(hostel-1) canteen a few nights ago, with 3 Maharashtrian friends, X, Y & Z...
After dinner as we were walking back to our lab, the discussion turned to poetry, and X (who is a very close friend) started reciting a beautiful Marathi Poem, to which they all started discussing how rich Marathi literature was. That statement was then refined to how marathi culture was the richest, at which point I interrupted to say that while it may be "rich", it certainly does not mean that the other cultures both in India and abroad are not equally rich. Y said, "Yes, thats true. Other cultures also have great literature and stuff." "But marathi literature is the best - we have so much of it, and even marathi cinema - India was introduced to cinema thank to Dada Phondke (??) "

Now Y is one of the most brilliant people I know, and I really respect him. Which is why I felt so hurt about his attitude. If we brilliant students at IIT start believing in the "my culture/religion/hometown/language is better than yours", what hope do the others have? And such an attitude is exactly why we have wars in the first place.


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