Friday, February 25, 2005

Midsems !

Was missing for quite some time now, thanks to midsems going on.
Well, they r finally over :))
1. Approx Algos went much better than expected - probably cause my expectations were so low :)
2. Compilers went very very bad, and absolute grading is like a knife hanging on my head :(
3. Hypertext mining, and MEMS were both generally bad.

Went home yesterday, had loads of fun, saw TV, ate a LOT, now have lots of food in my room.

Tried my hand at baking a cake, after v long. I used to be decently good at it, but this one turned out to be strictly ok.

Meghanak just managed to reinstall my network card on Linux - I had managed to un-install it, and after almost a month, it is back. Now I can go back to Linux (was using Windows in my room till now, and it was a MAJOR pain).
Thank you Meghana :))

Will watch a movie now.

Expect LOTS of posts in the next few days...... :))

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