Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's Day ... Now

___ji got her digicam today, had major fun taking pics and videos in the hostel of every1 making funny faces .... :))

Then all of us CSE M.Tech.-1 girls went to HN (Hiranandani) - had major fun - eating, taking snaps and eating some more :)))

I had chicken franky + pani puri (gol guppe) + plain crossiant + Rich Dutch Truffle pastry (which was to die for !) and then had "bites" of everyone's icecream. :))
Man, I'm turning into a hog :).

Now, everyone's watching Black....

Some of my friends called me up to wish me Happy Valentine's - it was cho chweet :))

All in all, an amazing fun day. :) - my first "all-girls" Valentine.

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