Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Happy Holi !!
I know this post is late, but submissions and assignments and quizzes..... :(( as usual..

My holi this year was a lot of fun.
My mom and sis came to visit me on Friday - we went out to this v nice restaurant for lunch, then shopping, and icecream, and we even visited a games arcade where we played air hockey !! WHen they left in the evening, I was v upset - missing them a lot - want to go home.

Saturday morning, all the girls in the hostel came together to play in the lawns. Lots of colours, lots of water, a water pipe, and within a few minutes, we were all completely drenched and completely colorful, having the time of our lives.
Then the music started, and the dancing began !!
We went completely wild - had loads of fun.
We were also served thandai, and Kurkure :)), and lunch had puran poli :))) - very nice.
Later in the evening, all my lucky friends who had gone home returned with more puran poli....

The guys in the IIT boys hostels have a tradition of tearing off each others' shirts - and then playing in the mud (yuck) and doing the ghaati dance....
At around 11.30, a huge bunch of guys turned up outside our hostel, and were dancing - colorful, dirty, wet and shirtless, to the beats of a live dholak... I wonder who was playing the dholak - he was REALLY good. It was fun to watch and laugh :)) - one of the weirder sights that I have seen in my life.

Anyways, I am into studying right now in almost every waking hour, and yet very very behind in my studies :((
Have exactly a month till my exams get over.... 29th April.
If I survive this sem, I will write again....... so bye bye for a month, and please do pray for me (and all my grades) :).

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  1. regardless of whether i am studying or not.. and i'm not.. i'm still behind :-P
    sounds like a great holi.. and my exams get over around the same time too!