Saturday, March 05, 2005

RAIT & Horizons - 2K5

This post is for all my RAIT friends who were not in Mumbai and couldn't attended Horizons this year.

Now that I've finished being all pleased with myself, let me tell you all about it.
We reached there - and I was all senti - the train journey & the Mankurd-Vashi bridge - it is so gorgeous, the RAIT gate, the D.Y.Patil sign, Cupids....

The crowd outside was wild as usual - too many ppl, security was having a tough time as usual. Rupi had also come to attend, and I saw him trying to control the crowd too :)).

Went inside into the organizers area right next to the stage :) ( thanks to Rupi )

Euphoria was amazing as usual.... but the stage did not have the Horizons logo :(( - it was filled with sponsor's posters only.

Met a lot of old friends - mostly ppl working here - it was great.
The show started late at around 8.15 (so what's new?) and ended later at 11.40 p.m. :)

Had to travel back alone in the train, and really missed not having my own batchmates who would have dropped me home :).
Waited at Vashi station for a train for half an hour at midnight ....

Wanted to stay back overnight, but it just wouldn't have been the same without all my friends. The memories......... best left unsaid - you guys know what I'm talking about .....

To the organizers - I must say - great job - well done !!
To my batch ppl, miss u guys !!


  1. hmm.. rule number one: your juniors horizon never rocks as much as your own ;-)
    great to see that someone had gone, and is here to keep me at least up-to-date.. damn, memories of 4 amazing yrs are all flooding back..
    i guess horizon will always rock for us, we know how crazy we go doing it.. just wish that we'd managed to drop you off again :-D
    can't imagine what will happen if we all get back together one last timeare you going for the other two nights?
    thanks for more than you'd realise.. just hearing about it makes a difference..

  2. This years Horizons is great - but ours was the greatest ;)) I thought that was obvious :))

    But being there without all of you guys was crazy, it was like being in an empty shell -the body was there but the soul was missing....
    Man, the memories...... if it is difficult for you, you can imagine what it felt like to me, being there and knowing that when I turn around, none of you guys will be there, to smile, to laugh. At the gate, I almost wanted to turn and go back - couldn't go to Cupid's at all.....
    It hurts to think that all of us will never have another Horizons together again !

    And - No - I'm not going for the remaining 2 nights - it just wouldn't be the same, and just not worth it.

  3. I love the "Dhoom Pichuk Dhoom" song....
    I think Palash Sen has also acted in a movie...forgotten which one.