Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Yes Mr/Ms A,
I was sick enough to stop blogging - I had high fever, and cold and cough - look horrible now :) and feel really weak :(.

Data Mining quiz is over, Compilers quiz tomorrow.. life in IIT goes on as usual. I missed 5 days of IIT including Saturday & Sunday, and I'm very very behind in my work... so right now I'm tense, stressed out, and hate the IIT life - can't wait to get out.

Traditional Day here on Friday - I don't have a sari (what a reason to hate the world :) - and I don't see anything GOOD happening in my life right now :(.........

All this frustration seems like a good reason to stop blogging - till I feel better, and I love the world again, what say?


  1. Sorry I caught you at a bad time :(
    Work hard, and may you get over all your worries!

  2. o wow..
    take care, the brain needs the body to survive !
    traditional day.. ah.. snaps !
    let the frustration out on the blog is what i say..
    take care !