Monday, May 09, 2005

The Alchemist (again)

"I am a part of your dream, a part of your destiny. If you have to wait until the war is over, then wait. But if you want to go before then, go on in pursuit of your dreams. The dunes are changed by the wind, but the desert remains. That's the way it will be with our love for each other. If I am really a part of your dream, you'll come back someday."

"When he reached the top of the dune, his heart lept. There, illuminated by the light of the moon and the brightness of the desert, stood the solemn and majestic Pyramids of Egypt.
The boy fell to his knees and wept. He thanked God for making him believe in his destiny, and for leading him to meet a king, a merchant, an Englishman, and an alchemist. And above all for his having met a woman of the desert who had told him that love would never keep a man from his destiny.
If he wanted to, he could now return to the oasis, go back to Fatima, and live his life as a simple shepherd. The boy told himself, that on the way towards realizing his own destiny, he had learned all that he needed to know, and had experienced everything he might have dreamed of.
But here he was, at the point of finding his treasure, and he reminded himself, that no project is completed until its objective has been achieved."

All I can hope for is that when the time comes, and when my destiny calls out to me, let me have the courage to go follow my dreams, risking my flock, and my love... to find whatever I seek.
And while the book never says this, when I do find it, I hope it turns out to be worth all the effort that went into it :))


  1. Have read the book and i would say yes, its one of those new breed self help books. But it does serve its purpose, atleast it worked for me. When you are low, feeling sort of lost and if the question 'why the hell am i doing all this' is haunting you, read this book, it definetly helps. One aspect that i did not like about the book is fatima's role or the lack of it, in helping her love realise his dream. In my opinion she deserves a more active role and more involvement in his success than just filling him with encouraging words, after all she is his true love. Or the other extreme of not having a character called fatima in the book is also fine. I feel her character is present only to make the point that if you have to leave your love to reach your destiny, than so be it. May be paulo coelho could have portrayed it in a better way.

  2. I guess the part about Fatima waiting for her love was very significant for me because of the role-reversal funda. As I was reading the book, I was the hero(ofcourse), and Fatima was the guy who waited for 'his' love :))....

    And for an Indian woman, leaving her love for her destiny is a HUGE concept....
    Everyone expects you to put career after husband and marriage, to the extent of being discouraged to pursue higher studies, so that you don't get too ambitious in your career, and its not tooo difficult to find a "suitable boy" who has the educational qualifications that you do.
    And if you love someone, you are expected to follow him to where he wants to spend his life, sacrificing all your plans along the way. Most (thankfully not all) guys wouldn't even consider the careers of their significant others to be important enough to pay attention to, leave alone make sacrifices for.

    Thats probably why I found Fatima and her speech the best part of the book..... :)

  3. I am sorry if my previous post has come across as a complaint against fatima. Infact my complaint was against the author for not giving her more importance. What i meant was a person should be playing more active role in his/her true love's attempt at realising her/his dream. My point was not aimed at any particular gender.

    And about the indian woman..a nice point there..

    as an aside..i have just started reading 'a suitable boy' by vikram seth..he talks about or more appropriately makes fun of this concept of finding a suitable the book if u can get hold of a copy..u may find it to be a good read..

  4. Read it :) .... thought the book was tooo long and end didn't make no sense at all !!

    Since you haven't read it completely yet.... in the end.... she marries.... :))