Saturday, May 07, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

Celebrated it on the 18th of April - am 22 now (will still pretend to be 21 in the About Me section though...... :) ).
A friend sent me a card saying "Hope your birthday is magic" and it was.
It started off with cake at midnight in my lab (NSL), along with my classmates, which was followed by a coffee treat to all of them at the H-8(hostel-8) all-night coffee shop.

Loads of my friends remembered and called. Loads of messages, SMSes, postings on the newsgroup, mails, cards, surprise gifts :).... it made me feel soo special that so many people remembered.

We also had a project demo & submission in the afty which went quite well.
In the evening my Mom and Sis came with more cake :).....

Inspite of having endsems the next day, the CSE girls later took the time off and treated me to dinner. It was soo sweet.

Thanks guys for all your wishes !!!
You all made my birthday very special indeed.

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  1. Hey Kriti, Its me. I miss you so much ......please come back to me!!!!