Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Jos Claerbout

Johannes "Jos" Dianovich (born Jeremy David) Claerbout, age 25, died on August 20, 1999. On that fateful day, he left the gym, bicycled to work, had breakfast, greeted his coworkers in his usual exuberant way, and sat down to read his email. Some minutes later he suffered a cardiac arrest, gasped, and died. Paramedics arriving within 4 minutes could raise no vital signs.

But in the 25 years that he lived, he achieved a lot - wrote beautiful college essays, knitted colorful toessels, went to college, took a year off from college, studied in Alaska, wrote some really brilliant stuff. More importantly he had great people skills, he could make friends with anyone and had a great sense of humor & a very different outlook in life. His family still maintains his website - go check it out.
Jos Claerbout Homepage

I was really inspired.


  1. ..just curious, how did you happen upon this guy ?

  2. I was "working" on my MTP, and checking out some "relevant sites" when I came across his site.