Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Movie Reviews

Saw infinitely many movies over the past 3-4 days. Haven't worked at all, my life has been "eat, read, watch movies, sleep, dance, .... and other fun stuff".

1. Million Dollar Baby is a nice movie - liked her boxing skills a lot !!! - though I wouldn't have given it the "Best Film" Oscar.
2. The Ring - 2 is strictly OK. Not worth watching in a theatre definitely.
3. Lucky - the worst movie made in the history of man-kind.
4. Matrix Reloaded - too many fight sequences - the movie should have been half an hour long - they added fights to make it into a 2.5 hour long movie !!
5. Matrix Revolutions - should have been a 5 minute movie .... the rest is like a "The Latest Technology in Computer Graphics Tutorial"
6. Joey episodes - season 1 (24 of them) - nice. It starts off being not-so-good, but the later episodes(10+) are really good.
7. Coach Carter - thought it was a typical "Losers win the game after new fundoo coach turns up" type of a movie - but it does have a nice twist. I personally liked it.
8. Be Cool - dumb movie. Watch it only if you have nothing better to do in your life (and trust me, there will always be something better to do !!)

Still have some 5-6 movies already downloaded that I haven't yet watched. :))

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