Sunday, May 29, 2005

My last 1 week

Couldn't find my blog on the dashboard, so couldn't write anything. Its obviously back now :).

Last week has been loads of fun. Apart from walks to Devi temple, and hill-top, we also went out for desserts to Mocha - tried Avalanche (absolutely yummy), and Piano Man (reasonably good, though not great).

Later in the week, we went to Sachin's at Nirmal lifestyle. Again loads of fun, though I felt it was a little too over-priced considering the food quality and the atmosphere and the service. Meghanak, if u r reading, the head of the family chair is empty for you :)).

And finally on Friday we went to Water Kingdom. That was massive amazing fun!! All day in the water, on the slides, fooling around - we tried every slide, and the scariest ones twice !!

Yesterday, I was in my room the whole day - read 2 novels, watched a movie. National Treasure should have been a hindi movie since it requires you to suspend your thoughts and believe that the hero can do anything, and the girlfriend is a whiny chinck even though she is a bigshot(Director?) in some huge place where the Declaration of Independence is kept.

Also read Jeffery Archer - "Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less" again, and Ruth Rendell - "A Sight for Sore Eyes". This book was a little like Danielle Steel, but much more sadder. By the time I finished the book, and the hero died, and the heroine lost her voice, I was so depressed, and felt like life is sooo hopeless, and not worth living - which is not a feeling I get ever. So I will recommend DO NOT read this book. I guess the problem is that I tend to associate with the main character, whether good or bad, and feel very bad if bad things keep happening to them without rhyme or reason.
Anyways, then went online, read some much nicer stuff (my favorites and all) and then felt better.

Now reading a paper for my MTP.....

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