Thursday, May 12, 2005

My Room & My Life

Every 15 days or so, I clean my room from top to bottom - iron clothes, clean out the cupborad, wash dirty cups and plates, sweep the floor (if the maid has'nt done it).... looks shiny clean for say around 10 days, then slowly it starts getting messy again.... till it becomes too messy and I can't sleep on my bed cause it is filled with clothes, cups, books, papers, and everything else that I own.
Then the cycle repeats. :)

My most recent before and after snaps of my room-cleaning bouts ....
(The clothes r there cause I have to iron them... so its not as bad as it looks - but it gives a good contrast for a before-after pic ..... :))

Anyways, my life is sort-of similar too - every 15 days or so, I decide to be focussed on some goals from studying more to taking care of my skin to exercising and all....
Stay enthusiastic for some time, work on it, and then slowly stop....

Anyways, right now, the enthu is still strong and my room is still clean..... :))


  1. wow lot of photos everywhere on the blog !

    cooL :-)

  2. As you have probably figured, I have a digicam now, so can afford to take infinte snaps .... :))