Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Busy Busy

Have been v busy again - though this time its been busy having fun.

I met Lalit, Joyce and Ashish Khatri on Saturday. We went to Nirmal lifestyle - after just hanging out for sometime, we ate at 'The Grill' - nice but a little too expensive, and then we shopped !!! It was fun.

Then I went home, had dinner (even though I had already eaten - cause my mom had made my fav foods)... and the next day was shopping with Jisha and Mom, and a very nice lunch at 'Grand central'.
Also saw a movie - new movie starring Will Smith that questions if the 3 laws of robotics can evolve... let me know the name if u have figured it out :)
I also made a bag - yes u read right :P - I made a bag - out of my old pair of jeans and I did embroidery and all on it - not very neat, but I love it.

Tonight we treated our hostel seniors - as a farewell, cause they r passing out - and that was cool. They r a very outgoing bunch - and 18 girls together at dinner == an amazing time indeed. They also ragged some of us tonight something that they hadnt done when we had joined IIT :).... and that was hilarious ....

And on the way to Naturals for ice-cream, I ran into an old friend Rupi. It felt really nice meeting him after so long... and I hope it happens again.

Ofcourse work is also still in progress... so busy busy.. :)

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  1. looks like a day of reunion :)
    'i robot' screwed asimov's original stories to a great extent.. just the 3 laws is all they took from it essentially..