Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Geetu's Wedding

For those of you who missed me, I'm back. :) Had gone for my cousin Geetu's wedding in Panipat. Official congrats to Geetu & our new Hemant jiju.
Had loads of fun - the wedding was in Panipat's most posh hotel - "Hotel Gold". Unfortunately, the water in Panipat upsets my stomach :(, so didn't eat anything- had loads of icecream though :). Also met all my cousins, and aunts, and uncles after v long. Have to get back to work - not much time to describe everything - will put up a few snaps though...

All of us cousins - Geetu is in orange

More cousins

Geetu & my nani (grandmom) at the sagan

At the sagan - Hannu & I

Mere haathon ki mehendi

Need I comment?

Kirtan before the wedding - The aunty is "Lord Krishna" searching for her "Radha" - the bride..

My youngest cousin - Peehu - isn't she a darling??


  1. wow.. why is it i've not met these cousins ? :P

    also, the blog is http://blog.severeanomaly.org

  2. Which particular cousin are you interested in meeting Satish?
    Waise, soch lo...
    Meri cousins ko milonge to RAIT ki "sabh" ladkiyan aapko pakad ke marengi.... :P :P

  3. does anyone..........read these comments ??? zeus

  4. Hi Zeus,
    I do read these comments - its just that I don't write for an audience, I write for myself - its more of a personal expression, and a way of letting my friends know what I'm upto.
    If I am not doing anything interesting in life, I don't blog. I hope you understand.

  5. goshhh im so happy that u replied....actually i even sent u an email..but u didnt responded so i became a little frustu ....its nice that u write for urself but u did apologize to ur audience when ur away frm wht u dont like to call blogging....thats why i was leaving comments..i hope thgts not a problem bridget... and besides that ur my inspiration and its after coming across ur blog that i have made a site of my own and a blog too...
    bottomline i would really like to stay in touch with you ...take care bye


  6. madam has been tagged with a meme.
    now u can post even when nothing is going on... ;)