Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My new bag

If you have read my last post, I made a new bag out of my old denim jeans :). And though it isn't very neat and all, I love it and am very proud that I made it, simply cause I made it out of my own hands - its my creation - my "kriti".

But that made me wonder - when I make a bag or a painting -I don't compare it with professional stuff - I don't judge it - I just love it cause its mine. Then why does this not apply for other things? Why am I not happy with doing my best in every walk in life?

Seems to me that somewhere in our head, we have our very own satisfaction levels. So for me, being even slightly creative, once every 4 years is good enough. My cooking standards are higher - I am happy if my Mom likes what I make - which is unfortunately quite rare. But with studies, or (weirdly enough) clothes, I am never quite fully satisfied - I always want something better.

Why such varied standards? Why not a uniform satisfaction criteria? I wonder...
Maybe its my subconcious keeping achievable standards. For example, even if I try, I cannot become a better painter - I just don't have the vision and probably thats why I'm happy with whatever little that I do in painting.
And maybe the higher standards at studying is my sub-concious telling me that u can b better than what u r... so keep trying.
Maybe. (i wish) :)


  1. hi
    how did i find ur blog ? well, apparently some site where both of us had conincidently submitted our blog feeds, lists the blogs according to b'days also.
    and well, seems like we share the same day. so thought let me check this out.

    nice blog. and when u have ur own stds and r capable of raising them once in a while, its a sure sign of success. coz ppl who r on top compete with their ownselves.

    and u made a new bag out of denim jeans ? huh ? do they have a "mouth wide open" emoticon here. how did u do that ? nah..its beyond my imagination.

  2. its a point worth wondering about, the mind knowing what is possible for it to do, and hence not being satisfied with any performance.
    i believe that one can do anything, but not everything can be done better than another without rigourous training. this can explain why some ppl can work out programs almost 'naturally' too.
    however, none of this means that we should limit what we can do..

  3. Is achieving the best you can a good enough measure for complete satisfaction?

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