Friday, June 03, 2005

Satish's Blog

One of my good friends, Satish blogs regularly, and I ofcourse read his posts regularly. Unfortunately, every few days, my bookmarks get deleted (don't ask me how or why - I just don't know)... and for some strange reason I can never remember his blog addr. So then I ask him again or ask a common friend or something like that - and its a major pain. This has happened many many times, but now his blog is finally on Google - result no 1 (though it did suggest that I change my query to "SEV bloodlines" :P ). So now I don't have to worry about my bookmarks getting deleted - I can just Google him out. And if you haven't realized it by now, Satish this post is to ensure that I have you address on my blog permanently, just in case you lose ur Google rankings again. :P

I realize that I could also link to you from my links here, but this is much better since I also get a post out of this, and I prove your point about being dumber than anyone thought I was. :P

P.S. : Have updated your blog link again :|


  1. interesting point about google rankings, i hadn't managed it till date :)
    maybe i can solve this problem of bookmarks - buzz me some time...

    and this does not prove yr dumbness, it shows me yr out-of-the-box thinking :P

  2. hiii ....i've been a regular reader of this blog but im so disappointed these days bridget ...ur not updating ur blog... :( plz update it....
    waiting for ur next post .....>>>
    zeus (

  3. Hello,

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  4. Hmmm.So people are blogging!! Read your blog Kriti. you are bookmarked..drop by at sometime. I manage to maintain quite a decent blog myself.

  5. looking-4-you
    where r u