Sunday, July 17, 2005

Harry Potter - 6

Here I am struggling with my MTech - 1st stage report, when someone turns up in the lab with his very own copy of Harry Potter - 6.

1. Spending 895 for a book - not worth it.
2. I dont have the time - I _HAVE_ to do my report - its not an option.

But I am sooo jealous :((.......can't even concentrate on my damn report right now.

UPDATE : Read the book ... :)) Now back to report writing.


  1. Richard Stallman seems to have some opinions regarding Harry Potter and the Right to Read. Its right up there on Stallman's homepage.

  2. The logical part of me knows that what the publishers are doing is against human rights and all. It also knows that Harry Potter is not the best book I have ever read. Its just a well written book, quick-paced, just the way I like it, and fantasy-based - its hard to resist the lure of magic...

    But I still wanna read the book, and knowing the plot "giveaway" now, is only making me more curious bout what happens next. The excitement, the thrill - its all contagious.

  3. i havnt read harry potter... none of them... ya i knw i am a loser but i wanted to read it as much as u wanted to learn how to strum... so there, we're quits

    nice of you to drop by on my blog but im still wondering, after all these years, how... and to find out who u are i had to do a lot of reading there... really, nice to hear from u.

  4. i think the stallman post is rally good and makes some good points. the whole media hysteria around Harry Potter is crazy!