Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Matrix

Its been analyzed by 10000000 bloggers by now, I know. But we were just discussing about the technology used in the Matrix and when will it become viable, given our current AI capabilites, when Gautham made an interesting statement.

According to him, given the current craze in gaming and 3-D Virtual reality and all that, when the technology does become viable, most people will want to be hooked up to the system voluntarily. When you can experience what you feel like, when you feel like, why live in this boring world at all? Ofcourse, everyone would know how to "break the limitations put by the rules" of a system like that.

Robots would be responsible for maintaining the system, feeding our bodies nutrition and all that - just like in the movie, but people would _choose_ to be connected, and let the robots live in the "real" world.

He finally concluded by saying that "the first generation may not accept it, thinking about their freedom and their rights and all... but by the second and third generation, all of mankind will be hooked to the system. So if I find the idea preposterous, thats only because I'm too "old" to accept new radical ideas like this, and just like all technology, it will be more easily accepted by the newer generation, and in 20 years after its introduced, it will become the norm. Just like it happenend with cell-phones."

Blew my mind.
Any comments??

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  1. excellent point.
    for all the fights portrayed.. there was one - cipher i think - who wanted to go back to the matrix.
    and for all our empathizing with the humans there.. would any of us want to live in a world without a sun ?
    there is a dark future possibility.. i'm close to the conclusion that one should worry about the time one is in - not what might happen 50 yrs later. tbe rest can be taken care of when it happens..