Monday, July 04, 2005

News From Arnd the World

1. Google Sued for Click Fraud, 38% of Revenue Fraudulent?
The original Story on Yahoo

2. This is inspiring : Ian Turner of Romsey Associates based In the UK went missing on Saturday 25th or Sunday 26th of June 2005 after attending the WebmasterWorld Conference in New Orleans. He happens to be a well-known moderator and search engine optimizer. In 2 days, there was a huge thread on ThreadWatch asking for information from people, providing up-to-date info to others, and even collecting money to hire a Private Investigator.
Anyways he was found in Atlanta - without his passport and is probably back home by now. No clarifications from him yet as to what happened, but it just illustrates the enormous power of the web when used for the good.

More details here and here

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