Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Rain Rain Go Away ??

I'm never one to say that, since I love the rains, but its been flooding, and we're wet and tired and hungry....

It started raining at 2 p.m. yesterday, & we were all attending lectures(1st day of classes). By 7.30 p.m, it was clear that if we left lab to go for dinner in hostel, coming back would be difficult.... so we tried calling all restaurants for the next hour to check if they would deliver, but the phone lines were all jammed, and when we finally got through to SP, they said the restaurant is closed cause water has entered the kitchens(!!)

I walked back to the hostel without my umbrella to enjoy the feel of the rain and the gorgeous weather, but when we reached H-11, we saw that the gate was flooded with thigh-level water... rushing with massive speed... almost like a quick-flowing river.

Our watchmen, and the canteen guys had formed a human chain to get us inside the hostel and prevent us from being washed away. I have never been in water that was flowing so quick - almost lost my chappals in the current... and was saved from being washed away only by the watchmen.

When we went in, it was only to realize that the comp rooms were flooded, so was the mess (no food !!) and elecricity had to be switched off to prevent short-circuits in the flooded areas ...

Our council team members though actually fought the current and brought back khichdi from the mess for all of us which we ate by candle light in our drying room... kept worrying where our juniors were, that they got food and all...(our responsibility, after all)

Fell asleep in the dark hoping everyone else was alright... woke up in the morning and went for a lecture in a classroom with water on the floor and no electricity and guess what, the prof conducted a pre-requisite quiz(!!)

All in all, an unforgettable day.

P.S. : 3 cheers to everyone who worked so hard yesterday - Meghana, Shalini, Ruchika, the mess aunties, the watchmen, Vinod, the canteen wala guys, and every1 else I missed.


  1. yet another story.. bloody scary to sit here and imagine mumbai paralysed by floods.
    i don't think anyone would forget the day mumbai was stopped.

  2. good u had a relatively safer adventure. me had bn to malad. whn left frm thr at 3:30 it was already raining heavily. no ric ready to go to malad stn as all roads leading to stn wer flooded.
    so got into a bus for wadala. managed to reach fame adlabs by 5:45. it didnt mov an inch til 6:30 dats whn v left d bus wid knee level waters. walked all d way frm fame adlabs to parle east in water whc wer upto MY waist, n heavy current at places. many locals wer helping out wid ropes n bamboos whrevr possible, true mumbaikars!!! finally got at relative's place safe n sound n in 1 piece at 10:30. had dinner n thn a good sleep, wed was tp, thur wid good fortunes got a lift upto shivaji park frm parle. finally at HOME SWEET HOME