Friday, July 22, 2005

Room Shifting

Finally shifted from a shared room to a single room yesterday.... took me the whole day to sort out my stuff, clean the room, arrange the furniture, and the comp.
My new room has a table that can just hold my monitor.... CPU on the floor :( ... and it keeps shaking, cause it is soo unstable.

I closed the cupboard door a little hard on the first day, and one of the (movable) shelves fell down.... it just happened to be the shelf that had my accessories and deos and make-up and other stuff - all the teenie-tiny stuff that I have ever owned, and it all got scattered through the cupboard... small safety pins in between the clothes, facewash & shampoo behind the books, earrings in corners my fingers couldn't reach... some jewellery is still missing :(

Anyways, the room is quite big, the scenery out of the window is beautiful, and I love it inspite of all the cribbing that I just did. I've put up all my posters, and a rose on the window shelf, and curtains .... and it now feels like home.

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