Thursday, July 07, 2005

State of Fear

I usually like Michael Crichton books, cause they are interesting, fast paced and with some science stuff in them - be it chaos theory or cryptography or virology.
But his latest book - State of Fear - is somewhat different : It is science stuff with a story stuck somewhere in between so that it classifies as fiction.

So the bad guys are never named, never caught, they do some random "bad things" which the heroes stop, and maybe save the world - actually he doesn't clarify whether the world is saved or not - whether the final disaster is averted or not. There is not a single "character" - only single dimensional people who do whatever they were meant to without rhyme or reason.
Effectively - very bad novel.

But.........brilliant science stuff.
The book is actually about the "global warming" effect - does it exist? Is it as dangerous as everyone says? How good/bad are the environmentalists? How easy is it to "preserve" nature (and what do we mean by preserving nature anyways??). Should we believe all media reports?

Basically, it questions whether global warming is really as big as it is hyped out to be, and in the process makes you question many more things too.

He ends the book with some facts, references etc. etc. and a quote :
"Everyone had an agenda. Except me."

Inspite of the story, I would say : go read it.

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