Friday, August 12, 2005


Princesella has a Prince Charming and Baby-doll doesn't ?? Ofcourse she does! Comments in the last 24 hours have poured in from all parts of the world saying that they love Baby-doll, and they want more posts about her, so here goes....

This is a story about one of Baby-doll's "deewanas". His name was SriSankalp Saahityavaadi JayaaRam (Rams for short). Rams was a knight in armor, though not shining armor, who was quite turned on by the idea of bossy women ..... and women in control.... and women in power.... .... and women in general when the type-1 type were unavailable.

Rams liked Baby-doll and kept trying to "pataofy" her - he took her out for dinner to Pakhtoon, and the Grill and Cafe Mondegar.... he sent her cool blogs to read, and lent her interesting books and movies and songs, and went on long walks, and he flirted and he flirted... but to no avail....
He then tried chocolates and flowers.... even went to Prince Charming for advice .... alas !!

He tried writing her poetry, he tried singing her songs, he even tried dancing in the moonlight, when all failed he went to the hamming club and learnt to di-da-di his feelings in Morse....

He tried and he tried.... and all he heard was "NO NO NO".

Then along came Saruan, who forcefully kissed Baby-doll under the moonlight among the coconut trees next to a beautiful lake, and she swooned cause of his amazing kissing style, and fainted and died, cause her heart was now with Saruan.

Moral of the story : Don't fall in love. It will kill you.

P.S. : What happened to Saruan? He tried kissing Baby-doll's best friend instead.

Another Moral : Don't swoon when a guy kisses you.


  1. is it the same Rams who had tried his hand with Baby-doll's best friend a while back?

  2. Looks like Rams guy can use more lessons or not!!-maybe that is it for him (LOL). And it is sad "Prince Charming" could not teach more....

    Sad though that we cannot get more chapters of Baby doll going forward....unless we are going to hear about her Best Friend. :))

    Keep us posted. :)

  3. I love this thing. Please write more!

  4. why does princesella always have to be the "looking cool", "world at my feet" - types,
    why does baby-doll always come in combo-pack with princesella?
    why is our hapless ram always have to deal with the impossible choice of princesella-vs-baby doll. sigh!!!! hey ram ;)

  5. Rams is Willin'?

    But of course, in bits and pieces.