Thursday, August 04, 2005

Women at the Workplace

Women in Microsoft mentions how committed Microsoft is "to attracting talented women to the company and the high-tech industry at large."

Their beneits include Adoption assistance plan, Contraception benefit, School's Out program for older children...

Their message to women:
"Come work in our company, because we are nice people and we don't complain when you have to do all the _womenly_ stuff like adopt kids(men don't do this), contraception(men don't need it), take care of your older children(men don't seem to have any)."

Most other companies have similar policies ofcourse...


  1. There is a deeper thought/fact behind this. Watch BBC's documentary series on Human Instincts, and you will see surveys conducted on instincts of men and women, and one particular survey needs mention here.

    An attractive girl is asked to go around an urban university campus looking for men who are ok with sleeping with her. She gets a 90+% affirmative response. Soon after, an attractive man asks women to sleep with him, and he gets a 10-% affirmative response. Is this co-incidence?

    The documentaries go on to explain how the maternal instinct which probably encompasses pregnancy, labour, post-labour, early years of children, and whatever is relevant next, is moulded into the human female gene (for my lack of a better term). Contraception is needed, maternity leaves are needed, these are not things which a man could have (however much he wants them). They are a great privilege and its exclusive to women.

    Adoption, taking care of older children, etc. are a part of the bigger cycle that have culturally evolved from this evolutionary thing, and are changing.

    No more devil's advocate. Its screwed, and I gotta just admit it. But it hurts to believe that we are so screwed.

    More thoughts later.

  2. and we say that the industry is gender discriminating agianst women.. :P

  3. yes. all the companies have these incentives ...
    not probably adoption plan...but the other incentives are definitely there in many companies...there are tax savings for women too....

    hmm with all these incentives, life is really easier for them....but many women dont comeafter 35...thats the catch...they become more interested in family...

  4. adoption benefits still fade as fringe benefits. i have heard of pregnency/childbirth benefits to the tune of $25,000. Celebrating the power of creation !!