Friday, October 21, 2005

My New Watch

I have a new watch - it is a watch and it is new and it has a square white face and brown straps.
I won it in a contest.
Not a pie-eating contest, not a sleeping contest. A real contest.

I wore my new watch one day and everyone liked it.
But my old watch didnt like my new watch.
So it got angry.
And stopped working.

Now I have to wear my new watch all the time.
Cause my options have gone - my old watch got jealous and stopped working.

This story has multiple morals :
1. Old watches are jealous of new watches.
2. Old watches should not express their jealousy by stopping work - its detrimental to their own well-being.
3. I gained a watch, I lost a watch => net amount of watches == constant => law of thermodynamics is proved (don't know which one though)
4. If you are still reading this, you are in a worse state than I am => accept my sympathies.
5. If you are STILL reading this.........


  1. and what if I read and bother to leave a comment?
    anyway, dont bother to answer..

  2. like anyone can ever stop reading such heart-rending stuff......

  3. OH that poor watch, please tell it, chin up, there are plenty more wrists in the sea. (: (maybe ya old watch should start a blog)

  4. The law of conservation of watches clearly states that 'A watch can never be created nor destroyed; however, it may change its soul from one to another.'