Monday, February 06, 2006

Dear Diary - 1

Disclaimer : The following diary entry is NOT TRUE. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance between the characters and persons living or dead is purely coincidental. :))

Now we can go on....

Dear Diary,
Guess what??? I had a great day today !! As I walked out of class today morning, that really cute guy Brad walked up to me and started discussing assignment 3 and my thoughts on the tangible effects of the Impressionist movement on our culture. As we talked, he suddenly said "This is soo interesting ! Do you wanna talk more over coffee? " Ofcourse I said yes. We went to Java Beans which is this amazing place that serves great coffee. Sat there for some 3 hours talking !! We gel so well together and agree on everything !! Its almost like we were meant to be together for ever !! As we kept talking, we didn't notice how the time flew by and suddenly, it was lunch time and we were hungry, so we went to the Zodiac for lunch. 5-star hotel, dim lighting, polite waiters, and ofcourse, a hunk sitting right opposite me - what more do I need from life ??? The conversation was wonderful - he kept looking into my eyes while he talked, and it was soo cute !!

But then in the middle of this perfect lunch, the weirdest thing happened ! My glasses started hurting ... so I took them off, and kept them next to me at the table, and suddenly I realized that I was making the weirdest facial expressions !! I became very concious of my facial muscles - I could feel each one move and as I became concious about it, I obviously became very stiff. Now I didnt want to look stiff - I wanted to look friendly and cute - so I started making my face muscles move in more exaggerated movements - and my smile became bigger and my eyes crinkled up even more, and I ofcourse became even more conscious. It was BAD - very BAD. Anyways, then I put my glasses back on - to hide my face and then the whole thing was better.

I am meeting him again tomorrow for dinner .... What should I wear? What should I wear?? My pink top maybe...??? Or maybe the blue one?

Will go and ask Saira what she thinks...
Bye for now,

MY Diary:
I finally asked that hot chick Natasha out for coffee today. Gave her some lines on some abstract art movement, and then smoothly said "Lets talk this over at coffee" - guess what? It worked.
Took her out to Java Beans, then lunch at Zodiac. She kept talking, I kept agreeing... I tried really hard to look only at her face and her eyes through the conversation - it didnt work though ;))...
In the middle of lunch, she took her glasses off - I think that was to impress me or something - so that was great. But she put them back on real quick - I hope that wasn't cause I said something stupid and she got turned off... :(

My friends think I'm very cool for taking her out .... I suggested some other stuff too - so that just makes it better. I'm meeting her for dinner tomorrow.... lets just hope.



  1. Hmm.. fiction is truer than real life ?

  2. God's assistant: Did you see that?
    God: Yeah, sad that both of them don't know.

  3. So Brad is the hunk who keeps a diary eh? HE'S A POSER!!! ;)