Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Movie Time !!

Mom, sis and I went for a movie a few days ago(28th Jan). It was a last minute decision, at 8.30pm I casually mentioned how it would be nice to watch Rang De Basanti, at 8:40pm we were all dressed up and out of the door.

Since the movie has just been released, its running house full in most of the major theatres... so the plan was to go to this small theatre in our locality, where tickets are 50 Rs, and the place is _never_ house full.

But as the saying goes, "never say never". We reach there to find a nice notice saying "balcony is full", and there is a HUGE line of people standing for stall tickets (even cheaper at 40 Rs). I gamely go and stand in the stall line.... unfortunately within 18 seconds of standing in the line, I realized that the only people in the line not smoking were busy eating paan (and then there was me - I was neither smoking nor chewing paan - was standing and making up such statistics instead).

So there I stand in the line wondering how mom and sis (and I !!) will bear such smoky red people for the 3 hours of the movie, when this really FAT guy, also smoking paan, approaches mom dearest and offers balcony tickets for 100 Rs each. The first thing that strikes me is 100% profit - thats a v cooL deal for him (I seem to be a very statistic oriented person nowadays).

Anyways, mom bargains for 80, I complain about the smoky red people, and say no point of spending 80/100 Rs for sitting with them ! FAT "blackseller" guy refuses to budge from his 100 Rs demand.... Mom agrees, I insist that this is ridiculous... we can go to some nice posh theatre instead (except that they r all too far away, and no tickets avaiable anyways)

Mom asks him "These are good seats right?" He says "Don't worry Madam, I am here only, mera dhanda yahi hai", my sis agrees "Yeah mom, I know him - he is always here", and I am left wondering when did my sis come to this theatre anyways !!!

Anyways, then we are asked (v rudely at that) to STAND IN LINE TO ENTER THE THEATRE ! IF YOU DON'T STAND IN LINE, WE WILL NOT LET YOU ENTER !

Meet a few people from the locality in the line :), wait inside the theatre for 15 minutes(felt like 15 hours with all that small talk though) before the movie starts....

Finally, the movie starts, very very good movie, bad interval when there was a line for samosas as well (as if they are giving them for free), good movie again, and then it was over.

12 midnight, no autos available to go home, mom panicked as usual while we searched, found an auto and finally our 9-12 adventure was over !

Good fun :)

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