Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Lots of news that I haven't said yet :)
This is over the last 3 months :

1. Valentine's Day :
With the MM again - went to RMall, Mulund, had a blast of a time, LOTSS of shopping (what do you expect with 9 girls ??), great food, and amazing, mouth-watering desserts... :)

2. RAIT, Alumni Day :
Again loads of fun. Met up with a LOT of people - everyone has changed, most for the better :P...
It started with the usual set of speeches by RKJ, and a few others, followed by "tea and snacks" and interaction with faculty... then some amazing singing by alumni, and current students, and very bad renditions of "Summer of 69", "Sweet Child of Mine", and "the Animal song" (so what's new?)...

Everyone was served biryani after that, most people got lots of pepsi and sprite from various sources, and we were given hand-painted cups in various colors that said "RAIT Alumni". The effort taken to paint the cup instead of doing a standard printing, was highly appreciated, and I will cherish my red cup for the rest of my life. (I just wish someone had had the sense to paint the cups with water-proof paint... I had some "pepsi" in my cup, and when I washed it, the m of alumni was washed off - I have now repainted it with permanent marker.... but even then !!)

Then the disc began. Lots of dancing, lots of fun, ... I had to leave early cause I had a midnight coding deadline at IIT... but I heard the party rocked till late at night !

Who was there? Rupi, Mallu, Shamel, Joyce, Sukrit, Priyanka, KC, Kavitha, Srini, Buddy, Tunnu, Kirti (Teredesai), Aditi Trehan, Maggi, Disha, Cheryl, Sabah(obviously), Sameer(the singer), and many many more !

3. Horizons : Day 3 : Strings

String was good singing wise, with a GREAT guitarist, and a good band etc etc. The crowd was happy, could see MANY hands in the air... was personally a little bored though. They sing well, but have ZERO stage presence. And without the energy on stage, whats the point? Euphoria with their jumping around, and their keyboardist is definitey a 1000 times better. Anyways, as I had said earlier, people were v happy singing "Zinda hu main", and "dooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrr", so I guess they were a big success.

Indian Ocean had been advertised but cancelled at the last moment due to budget problems.

Went for "dinner" after that - which was much more interesting than the event itself (mail me for details :) ), and finally Disha dropped me home at around 2am.

For me, this years Horizons was more about nostalgia, not knowing the organizers, not seeing most people from my batch, missing "the good old crowd"....

4. New Years :
New years was a party at my place - dinner, dancing, and the girls slept over ... loads of fun :))

5. Acads :
My very first research paper has been accepted for publication in WWW. I will be going to Edinburgh, Scotland in May to present it ! If anyone has advice or can help for any arrangements related to Visa, stay, travel, food, packing etc, please let me know !


  1. People have actually changed in 2 years? Hmm.. hand-painted mugs is so RAIT.. but I miss not having one :)

    Heard Horizon sucked.. looks like it wasn't the greatest possible.. given the way the college is going overall (think the newest princi); I think entering RAIT again doesn't make sense anymore.

    Congo on the research paper - again. Have applied for volunteering.. looks like there are a lot of people interested though.

    p.s. Will mail.. I want to know about this dinnner :)

  2. There is more than one feeling...nostalgia being the more prominent...but what to do.

    People changed in 2 years...probable...I have...atleast thats what people tell me.

    Horizon...I mean come on...It cannot suck !!! Horizon, in itself is a phenom. Maybe it was a little non-entertaining...but a sucker...no can do.

    And research paper and all...congrats there. That should not come as a surprise to anyone.

    It is surprising how after leaving college, u seem to know everyone who was in college with you or at the same time as you...or vice-versa...Miss all you guys...Hope we all do meet.

    And about the dinner...would like to know.