Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Holi Hai !!

Lots of fun in h11 today with colors :), water :), kichad :(....
Then went with the guys to wish the Professors Happy Holi as well !!

DK was supposed to come with us, but he met two sets of friends on the way - one set tore his tshirt, the other his pants, and then the poor guy was not in a position to visit other people's homes... :(

Passed a lot of HUGE groups of guys having a LOT of fun, everyone was either silver or purple or black... almost everyone with torn clothes, destroying clothes on holi is like this HUGE tradition in IIT, that I dont understand, but I can appreciate what kind of fond memories that must lead to :P:P

BTW, Profs have beautiful homes :) - and the lakeside view from Prof Sanyal's home is AMAZING !!

Lunch was the traditional maharshtrian meal of Pooran-poli, aalu ki sabji, aamti, and rice.
Watched Crash after that. Very complicated storyline, but brilliantly done !! Now going for a walk ....

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  1. wow ppl shredding clothes-------- stay away from them