Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Days 1 to 4 - The Conference - Fun

This post talks about my "tech" experience in the 4 days of the WWW conference, now lets talk about the fun parts :)

First of all, I met a lot of interesting people during WWW. There was Nilesh who is a DD student at IIT Kanpur, and Prasad, a grad student from IIIT Hyderabad, and also Amit from some US university. I also met this v cool Prof. from The University of Georgia and his grad students, and a lot of other grad students from various places. Then there was my room-mate Preethi who is at Delaware, who sadly I didn't interact with much, cause we both were too busy meeting other people, but I could tell that she is a interesting person. I also met a lot of people from a lot of cooL places including IBM India Research Labs, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Live Labs, and Ask. And Satish was there of course as a volunteer, so life was good....

Every evening after the conference, we went out exploring Edinburgh. On the first day, we went to Princess street, and had unlimited dinner at a Chinese Buffet place for 10 Pounds. Thats 870 rs BTW for me, the second most expensive dinner I have had to date. (The most expensive dinner ever was 1400 Rs at Grand Hyatt sponsored by Induslogic, since I was the placement rep handling them)

The second day we went to the conference reception at Edinburgh castle, beautiful view of Edinburgh from there, and also the crown jewels of Edinburgh are displayed there. But unfortunately, they served only drinks, so after the reception, we went to Burger King to have dinner. The fun part of the reception was that Nilesh drank for the first time in his life (3 glasses of wine, and 2 glasses of beer), and got drunk(supposedly) and started behaving hilariously, laughing all the time etc. - that was brilliant ! Satish was around of course, which was the reason why I didn't freak out, and instead enjoyed watching a drunk guy talk funny for the first time in my life.

The third day was the Microsoft party at the Jam House, which was a pub with live music, and again unlimited drinks but no dinner. Nilesh decided to take advantage of this opportunity to try out champagne. But the bartender told him that she cannot give him a glass of champagne, so he should find 4 people who are interested, and she will give him a bottle. Now the rest of the people who we were with didn't drink either, so Nilesh didn't really have company, but he told the bartender that "we" will drink, and got the bottle anyways. So we finally ended up sitting on this table - 5 people who don't drink - with a bottle of champagne kept in a bucket of ice in front of us. It looked pretty cooL, so random people walking by decided to fill their glasses, so the bottle got over finally, and we met a lot of new people in the process.

The third day also had a single malt whiskey tasting session organized by WWW, where I ended up trying 2 of the 4 single malt whiskeys available. I am not a "drinker" though, so didn't really appreciate what was so great about these whiskeys, but I managed to get my friends who drink pretty jealous about trying out single malts :P

On the final day I was v tired thanks to all the hectic conference attending and roaming around, so we again went back to Princess Street, and had a dinner at Pizza Hut and was back in the hotel room sleeping pretty early.

1 cooL thing about the UK which I haven't mentioned so far was that even though it was spring, it was v v cold, temperatures in the 5-10 degree range in Edinburgh, but the sun didn't set until as late as 10:30 pm. So you could stay out till 11 pm without feeling like it was too late.

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  1. Ah, girl; it was great fun to have fun together after so long :)
    We just didn't have the usual "date" ;)