Monday, June 12, 2006

Happy Birthday ??

The tradition in my class is that after the birthday guy has cut cake, they lift him up, and give him birthday bumps. And for 5 minutes, you can hear the birthday boy screaming in pain. I am very sensitive to pain, so I make sure that I go in the lab before the hitting starts, so I don't have to hear the screaming...

I remember seeing a friend crying cause someone had hit him too hard on his spinal cord...
Today, I saw the birthday bumps after a long time, and they went on for a long time as well... almost 8 minutes... (I think its a measure of your popularity, but I'm not sure) until I had tears in my eyes feeling bad for the birthday boy... and even now, the guys in my lab are discussing how it doesn't hurt too much with chappals, only makes a lot of noise, its all "instantaneous pain that goes away in a day", while kicks to the spinal cord can hurt for 8 days ... Today's screams might actually give me nightmares....

What kind of birthday wishes are these anyways?

Kinda makes me glad I am a girl...


  1. Didn't we try to birthday bump you in college ? :D

  2. Try?
    You gave me birthday bumps in college !
    But they didn't involve kicks, only my flying in the air :P, which is so not painful, almost fun !