Sunday, June 18, 2006


She loved the guy.
She did it for him.
She would've done anything for him.

Some women are like that.
Some lovers are like that.
Some loves are like that.
Most loves are like that, from what I can see.

Your heart starts to feel like an overcrowded lifeboat. You throw your pride out to keep it afloat, and your respect and your independence. After a while you start throwing people out - your friends, everyone you used to know.

And it's still not enough.
The lifeboat is still sinking, and you know its going to take you down with it.

page 63


  1. These, and other lines had made me nod in a similar manner, while I was reading it.

    But the word 'pride' brings another scene into mind; with a different mood altogether: Butch is being bribed by Marsellus Wallace to throw the boxing match, and if Butch accepts, he first fucks pride [verbatim from the movie], and then, his respect, his independence, and as he runs, he throws out his friends, and then, lastly, interpreting Marsellus as metaphorical death, the match is going to take Butch himself down with it, in all ways.

    I don't really know why I said that. But this just goes on to say that a set of wonderfully poetic lines can be fit into some entirely random concept, and for a biased mind, it appears perfect (me, in this case, a fan of Pulp Fiction).

    And the context in which Didier says these lines seemed perfect to you. I wonder where your biases lie.

  2. Of course, the lines are beautifully poetic. And of course I have my biases. Just amazed that the same bias can be shared by enough number of people that it would get a place into a bestseller. They almost serve as a reminder of things soo easy to do, but which should be "not done".

    Its sorta like being a Brahmin, and putting up a "when you go to the US, don't drink alcohol" in your diary. You know you won't, but you would like to remind yourself nevertheless.

  3. Imagine the incentives though, for a Brahmin to actually go inside a pub, order a drink, sip on it enough to get drunk. The strength of that incentive.

    Such continuous self destructive (or are they?) incentives/instincts are what I am not sure of. Some other time maybe.

  4. Probably the reason why he needs to write it down in the first place.

    Just as a reminder.

    About something he would never ever do anyways.

    But even then.

    Just in case.

  5. Waaah!!!. .. wht a simple way to put things in perspective!!! Very well written .. thanks for putting it here :-)