Monday, July 10, 2006

Football Stats

No, I am not a football fan to give you stats about the game itself. This is about me :D

27 : the number of blogs on my bloglines feed.
18 : Indians on the list
12 : Indian bloggers on the list who blogged in the last 24 hours.
11 : posts by the above 12 on Zidane's headbutt (and India wasn't even playing !! Wasn't even in the top 1000 !! )
01 : my blog post adds the count of 1 to the same :P

Yeah, Zidane, What were you thinking ??
I am kinda glad now I decided to do more fun things like sleeping instead of watching the match ! :))

Thursday, July 06, 2006


You start with a research problem and 1 possible solution. Work on the solution for a few months, and a second possible solution presents itself. With no way of judging which is better, you continue working on the first one....

After a few more months of work, the epiphany hits you that this won't work. Most probably.

But switching to the second solution is tough.
It has no guarentees either.
It could be better. It could be worse.

Finishing work on the first solution will take a few months, the second many more months....
Comparing the two - a lifetime.

Existance of an optimal solution not guarenteed.
And the first solution might just be workable on a short term basis.
But the second now seems more exciting - the first is now boring...

What do you do?

Epiphanies are tough.
Life problems - tougher.

Monday, July 03, 2006


My lab had not had ACs working for a week now, and its very hot, but since my lab technically is a CS lab, but in the KRESIT (IT) building, noone has bothered to repair it ....

Anyways, the heat is so much, that we have now opened windows....
I am sitting right opposite an open window, with the breeze blowing on my face. Its raining outside, so its a little chilly as well... and sometimes, random drops of rain drop by ...

Reminds me of sitting on the marble window at home, watching the rain, sipping tea, and munching on hot pakodas... pretending to be studying.... but actually watching people passing by, and listening to birds chirping and feeling the rain drops fall on me ... wondering where my life is going...

There's a cool breeze blowing in my lab, an I'm missing home like crazy....

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Day 8 - The museums

For people who have forgotten, this is an account of my UK trip, and this is my third day in London.

So I met Nilesh early in the morning, right after breakfast. Nilesh had spent 2 more days in Edinburgh after WWW and he was returning that afternoon so was in London for a few hours. He had got pine cones for me from the yellow hill close to Edinburgh, and also a seashell from the Edinburgh beach for my friend who collects soil (Thats Meghana). It felt very nice to finally have some company while roaming around, and we went to see the change of guards at Buckingham palace.

Unfortunately, entry to the palace is only in August, so we had to be satisfied with standing with more than a 1000 people, trying to see the change of guards from outside the palace. The guards do some marching thing, and then they play a band, and then some more marching - a few guards on horses, blah blah. It was a cute sight to see soo many people stand and watch 50 men marching, and commenting on how the traditions have been maintained so well in the monarchy. :))

After that, Nilesh went off to catch his flight, and I went to Harrods, which was HUGE !! It was soo huge, that I didn't even cover the whole place in an hour (and I was just walking through the damn place - not really window shopping). I obviously spent quite some time looking at all the chocolates available, but everything was too expensive. I instead had a Danish pastry and a cheese croissant from there - which was an interesting and inexpensive lunch. Also saw a LOT of designer wear from Armani and Gucci to other designers who I hadn't heard of. I also spent some 30 minutes trying to buy a lipstick for my mom, but all the lipsticks were either in pink or 1 standard brown shade which I didn't like. (There were some lovely brown shades in liquid gloss, but my mom doesn't like that).

From there I went off to the Victoria and Albert museum which was gorgeous. Saw their paintings and silverware and stained glass displays, and brass-work and a few others. From the beautiful glass display (a very very modern chandelier made of green and yellow glass snakes) to the temple gates, everything was very beautiful. And then I saw David. Michelangelo's David. Huge. Mindblowingly gorgeous. Everything else paled in comparison. Out of words.

Went to the Science Museum from there, which was even better, if thats possible. Saw the 100 greatest inventions of the last century (including the printing press, the XRay machine, cars, trains, the atom-splitter, the earliest computers ...), also saw the History of computing and the History of Math. Then went to the "Who Am I" exhibition which tried to answer questions like "what makes human beings different from other species", "what makes you different from me", "what is consciousness" etc. When I had seen only 10% of what I had wanted to see, it was museum closing time, and I had to reluctantly return.

Back to the hostel for a quick dinner, and I was off to Picaddily Circus this time. A lot of beautiful people, clubs with all hot-looking people waiting in a line to be admitted, a lot of pubs (including one called Cheers), bright lights, interesting shops, flashing billboards and neon signs... seemed like a very "hip" place to be.

Came back to the hostel at 11 pm, very tired, but also very happy and excited to be in such a beautiful place, and was off to sleep, planning all the things to do on my last day in London.