Monday, July 03, 2006


My lab had not had ACs working for a week now, and its very hot, but since my lab technically is a CS lab, but in the KRESIT (IT) building, noone has bothered to repair it ....

Anyways, the heat is so much, that we have now opened windows....
I am sitting right opposite an open window, with the breeze blowing on my face. Its raining outside, so its a little chilly as well... and sometimes, random drops of rain drop by ...

Reminds me of sitting on the marble window at home, watching the rain, sipping tea, and munching on hot pakodas... pretending to be studying.... but actually watching people passing by, and listening to birds chirping and feeling the rain drops fall on me ... wondering where my life is going...

There's a cool breeze blowing in my lab, an I'm missing home like crazy....


  1. The lab with AC's not working.. damn.. that reminds me of RAIT. Of course they worked for a week in the whole year rather than the other way round.

  2. i wonder if it is the other way around in ur case - pretending to watch people passby but actually studying.
    I used to miss my home the most in the morning when there was nobody to wake me up.

  3. There's noone here to wake me up as well - probably why I end up sleeping till lunch time :)

  4. Funny how lack of an AC makes people remember college :P

  5. Reminds me of my lab from 3 years back. We had malfunctioning ACs, but no windows to open! So we just resorted to occasionally frequent walks outside :-)