Sunday, August 06, 2006

Day 10 - The End

Got up, checked out of the hostel, took the subway to the airport, thought for the millionth time how efficient everything was in London, how helpful everyone was, how easy public transport was.

Checked in luggage, got in the flight, admired the London skyline from the plane, ate good Air India plane food, slept.

Looked back at the past 10 days, felt very happy at all the fun, all the excitement, sad cause the holiday is over, thankful for this opportunity (no, I'm not starting a speech!), wondered when would I do this again.... and with whom... worried about how much I had spent in 10 days....

Wondered if all the chocolates I had got would be enough for everyone, should I have bought some more stuff, did I forget anything?

Made a resolution to blog all the details so I wouldn't forget anything !

Checked out, collected baggage, smelled the smelly Bombay airport, came out to find mom and Tejaswi waiting for me, loaded my luggage in the auto, felt v happy cause it was raining, and reached back to IIT.

The holiday is over.