Sunday, August 06, 2006


Done with MTech.

Done with hanging out in 210.
Done with treats.

Done with walking the roads.
Done with mess table guppe.

Done with cribbing bout courses.
Done with MTP - major time pass !

CH is all empty right now, so are the h11 rooms.
Noone I know at Badlu, no missed calls for lunch.

Everything seems all empty right now :(


  1. Everything that has a beginning has an end.
    And thats what sucks the most of all.

  2. u knw its tougher when u see new ppl staying in ur room doing things u used to do.

  3. I have spent more time in Aditee's room, and now there are these 2 new girls in her room, and the girl on Aditee's bed actually has a white bedsheet and the one on Amruta's bed has a colorful bedsheet, and it looks just like their room, but it has 2 different girls in it.

    Yeah, its v weird. :(

  4. The girls will possibly change the room gradually, and overall, as far as rooms tend to go, it'll be a room in h11 still; but it'll be their room - I guess.

  5. i still dnt have the guts to go to my old house - i shld though -3 kashmiri girls there :)

  6. oh i thght u wld remember - now i cant recall her name - but comps, our batch and ofcourse kashmiri

  7. yes i hv got the name finally - its shraddha