Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lets go outside.

After 2 days of heavy heavy heavy rain, the sun finally came out on Tuesday afternoon, the roads became dry, and I thought this is a good time to empty my desk at IIT and take all the stuff home. By the time I had packed everything up, it was 8 pm, and it had started raining again - very light rain though, so not too bad.

Given the amount of stuff in my desk, it had taken 1 suitcase and 2 plastic bags to get all the stuff in. So I thought I would take an auto home. Asked the watchman at KReSIT to call for an auto, but the main gate guys said that since it's raining, I wouldn't get an auto.

This is when I should have taken the lift, gone back to the 4th floor, left my packed bags there, and gone home by train. I instead frowned and wondered loudly how would I carry a suitcase and 2 bags in the rain? I wouldn't be able to open my umbrella, and would get wet. The watchman then commented saying that its not raining heavily, and the market gate is close by, so I will not get wet if I walk till there and take a rick.

And stupidly enough I took his advice. Suitcase in one hand, 2 bags and unopened umbrella in the other, I started walking. And of course, the rain got heavier. By the time I had covered 60% of the way, my hands were hurting like crazy, and I was totally wet.

This is when I should have thought that this is a stupid idea and gone back and left my luggage at KReSIT and gone home by train. I instead thought that this is a stupid idea but I'm 60% done, so lets keep walking - "market gate dur nahi!".

By the time I had reached the gate, my hands were killing me carrying all that weight, and as already mentioned, I was anyways totally wet. So I kept the luggage with the watchman, and tried to find an auto.

50 minutes later I was still waiting for the auto. Yeah, 50 minutes. And in case you didn't know it, my house is 45 minutes away from IIT by train.

Finally, after 50 minutes, after I had gone to 2 auto stands, and had waited at the main gate (walked from the market to the main gate in the hopes of finding an auto there), finally, I got an auto. But 2 other men had already booked it. :((

But I guess I looked so frazzled and tired, that the auto wala told the other 2 guys to "go away", and decided to take me instead. (Or maybe it was because I had to go a farther distance, and that would mean more money. At that point though I was soo happy that I attributed my good fortune to a v nice auto-driver.)

I sighed in relief thinking finally the nightmare is over.
Guess what. It wasn't.

Now, it was v apparent to the driver that autos were in major demand, and a LOT of people were waiting for autos.

So he decided to start complaining about the traffic to me.

Everytime the traffic slowed down by a miniscule amount, he would start cribbing about how he is losing business cause he is dropping me to Kurla, and traffic is so bad. And then he would ask me to get down there. Knowing fully well that I have a suitcase and 2 bags and am wet and I will not get another auto for another 45 minutes (if at all).

So I had to tell him, "chalo naa bhaiya, please". And smile. X(
When he had said it for the fourth time, and had started slowing down his auto to one side of the road, in the middle of a huge puddle, I wanted to kill him, wondering what more could go wrong now.

Wrong thing to be thinking about.
Things did get even more wrong.

It started raining even more heavily.
And the winds got much much worse.
So now a lot of water was coming inside the auto.

This guy had an auto with the curtains that can be rolled down when it is raining, and they were rolled up, and I was getting v wet, so I tried to open the curtains. At which point the auto wala says "Madam, aap bhi gilli ho rahi hai, aur main bhi ...... to curtains rehne deejeye".

I was 10 mins away from home then, and thought it prudent to not get him annoyed now, so sat in the auto getting wet, with the curtains rolled up. :(

Finally, I reached home at 10:30 pm, wet, tired, and irritated.

And this was the night that the lift was not working.
And my house is on the 5th floor.
Thankfully, Jisha had come down to help with the bags.

Small mercies.


  1. Aww...I can understand what u went through...well almost. Blame Mr. Murphy for all this.

    Hope u are all better and chirpy now. :)

  2. i think i wld have given up smwhere in the middle of ur ordeal. atleast now u knw how ur worst day wld go.