Sunday, August 06, 2006

OK ?

Was waiting at Tilaknagar station at 10:00 pm at night to come to IIT, when this young girl walked by. Not more than 18, dusky, thin, average looks, wearing tight jeans folded up to form 3/4ths, a full sleeved white tight tshirt, with a pink spaghetti on top - just like in the pop song videos. Pink lipstick, kajal, blue eye shadow, chunky earrings and a head scarf completed the outfit.

She walked by me, and then asked some men sitting on the platform "ladies dabba kidhar aayega". And I was surprised by how fearless she sounded. And somehow how lost. How innocent. Almost like she has just come to Mumbai to make her filmi dreams come true. Or maybe run away from family?

Wait a minute. Tilaknagar is right next to Kurla terminus, so thats actually a likely explanation. Now I felt a little worried for her. Who is she? Is she safe? Does her family know she is here?

By this time, she had walked up to me and was asking me if she should be standing here for the ladies. I replied, and later kept staring at her (non-obviously of course), wondering ... And then she asked me at Kurla where to go for Thane. And I was with her in the next train as well. Wondering "Whats her story? Where is she going? Where is she coming from? And whats up with the clothes ?? "

Wanted to ask her if she was OK.
But couldn't.
Noone interferes in anyone's life in Mumbai.

I still hope she is OK though.

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  1. I used to live there in the 80s. They didn't have a tilak nagar railway station back then. But I do remember as being a rough place.