Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rendezvous VI

Attended Kaleidoscope - the dance and fashion show events - at the IIT Delhi festival, Rendezvous, yesterday. We hadn't arranged for passes before hand, so first roamed around on the streets of IITD asking random guys "who looked like IIT-ians" for extra passes. After having unsuccessfully asked a 100 people, when the security finally let me in without a pass, on my IITB i-card, I felt v v happy about this IIT-IIT bhai-bhai culture :)

The fashion show was strictly OK, almost bordering on bad for most colleges, with Mumbai college-fest fashion shows being much better. One surprising thing was a lot of skin display (super-micro-mini skirts with bikini tops) by girls who had "Chinese eyes" in all the colleges. Left me wondering where they came from... are they Indian from the Northeast regions, or they from Nepal/China/Japan?? And soo many of them?

The dances on the other hand were absolutely gorgeous, with Mumbai college-fest dances not even 10% as good. All 4 participating colleges had beautiful dances, with around 15-25 people on stage, fully coordinated, doing amazing steps inspired from Bharatnatyam to modern dance to ballet and others. Gargi college actually had 1 girl carrying a second girl around her waist, fully horizontal, a lot of complicated yoga steps in synchro, followed by Bharatnatyam steps, with some bit of ballet thrown in as well. And the dance was v thematic, with storylines, and costume changes, with the themes coming from various sources like Devdasis, King Ashoka, and so on. i was superlatively impressed by the effort ! And the IITD team rocked as well, in spite of being the only dance team with guys in it !!

Good fun !

Update : After sooo many people commenting on the comparison, I would like to clarify. Mumbai college dances are great as well, but more filmi, much less thematic, and much more free style. This was a totally different form of dance - much more structured, much much more precise, more thematic, v less emphasis on costumes, and beats and being flashy. A Mumbai dance would get you on your feet dancing with the performers, on the lastest Hindi/English hit song, and you could probably do the steps as well, although you would not do it as well, and people on stage would be much more graceful. Given the amount of aerobatics and classical dance on the IITD stage, not many in the audience would be able to do any of the steps. But given the western classical songs, not many would want to as well. I could hear some jeering as well by bored audience people, but I loved these new thematic dances !!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Interesting how the Orkut programmers came up with the brilliant thought that people can be turned on by only one of the following things :

body piercing(s)
long hair
public displays of affection
skinny dipping

I wonder if they had a meeting, where they sat down and decided what turns people on.

To : programming team
Subject : turn-ons

Lets meet at 8 pm tonight to decide what turns people on. I propose that we all discuss our own favorites, and take an OR of all of those. I'm sure noone else in the world would like anything else anyways.

Be there at 8 !!

P.S. : We won't make this awkward by discussing turn-offs - lets leave that to a text box !!

Or was this decided by the marketing team ?????

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Today I cooked in my new house for the first time. I hadn't done it yet, cause I haven't bought some small stuff yet, like turmeric, onions, and belan-chakla (to roll chapatis), but decided today that I would make food in spite of all these obstacles.

So breakfast was jain style :) bread upma without onions, and dinner will be mushrooms. The food was OK, a little less oil and too bland, needed some more chili powder, but I guess given my bad throat infection, this is good for me.

Have to figure out now how to make chapatis without a belan, or should I eat mushrooms with bread ?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Finally found a new house, single room with attached bathroom on the terrace on a 2 storey house in posh Hauz Khaas enclave (effectively, I am on the 3rd floor) - only a 15 minutes walk from my workplace.

It has an AC and a geyser and the terrace also has a kitchen with a fridge and a gas, so things are great. I moved in this Saturday, but then immediately went off to Vikaspuri to meet family and was back only on Sunday night, so yesterday was my first night at my new house.

On Sunday, I went to the nearby Sarojini Nagar market and bought jhaadu, pocha, dustbin, maggi, vessels, vegetables, foot mats, pillow covers, mattress, bucket, mug, stool, rope for hanging clothes, scrubber for washing clothes, scrubber for washing vessels, soap, juices, cello tape and many other such things. Big phatka on small stuff. And I have of course forgotten many more small things to buy. :)

Yesterday before going to work, I cleant the whole terrace using my new broom and the terrace looks nice now. I also swept the room, and the kitchen, and scrubbed the bathroom tiles with soap.

Then in the evening after work, we went to Connaught Place, tried the Delhi metro, passed 10 Janpath Road, and India Gate and ate at TGIF (Thank God Its Friday). Had a lot of fun !

But thanks to the hectic day, I have body pain now, and my throat ache and
cold are much worse :(
Stupid me.

In conclusion, life is hectic, but a lot of fun. :)
Oh, and there is some work happening as well :))