Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Today I cooked in my new house for the first time. I hadn't done it yet, cause I haven't bought some small stuff yet, like turmeric, onions, and belan-chakla (to roll chapatis), but decided today that I would make food in spite of all these obstacles.

So breakfast was jain style :) bread upma without onions, and dinner will be mushrooms. The food was OK, a little less oil and too bland, needed some more chili powder, but I guess given my bad throat infection, this is good for me.

Have to figure out now how to make chapatis without a belan, or should I eat mushrooms with bread ?


  1. hey there!
    was thinking of you - listening to U2's "With or without you.." - one of your favs :) when your mail came.. i have developed this tendency of associating songs with people.. the person who suggested/gave it to me, or someone who loves the song, or if there was any interesting incident associated with the song and the person, and so on...

    songs apart, i hope you are a full-fledged cook by the time you come back home on your first trip :) we'll come over for Kriti-made food at your place :D


  2. Mushrooms with bread suck. Just so you know :)

  3. Sahi hai, have been eating bread 'n butter at our flat for whole of the last month. Waiting for the gas to come, hopefully soon!

    You know, what goes best with bread? :D

  4. sev was apparently right :) tried and tested