Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Crib Time

Driven by food cravings for salty food, I came out of IRL for "a few minutes" at 5 pm, and went to PVR Priya, a posh area in Delhi with a theatre and some really good restaurants.

Decided to try out some interesting looking Italian place called Sartoria, entered, and found it to be "a little on the expensive side". So we decided to order just 1 pasta dish, and share it, and maybe eat some more cheap food later to fill ourselves.

Our bill :
1 Pasta Alla Ristorante : 320
1 bottle of Water : 50
VAT : 50
Service Charges @ 12.5 percent : 50

Total : 470 Rs !!!

470 is almost 50% more than the advertised price of the pasta dish of 320.

Still a little pissed about the hidden charges. X(

And a little thankful that we didn't drink more water :)

Diwali Dhamaka Dwitiya (DDD)

So the reason I haven't blogged in a while is that I have been busy.
With work of course.
But also with play.
Thats the Diwali Dhamaka play that I am talking about.

Diwali Dhamaka Dwitiya (DDD) was the Diwali celebration at IRL on the 14th of October - Dwitiya because it was arranged for the second time, of course.

There was a play "All The Best" about a film producer who tried to make a flop film and make more profits. I acted in a play for the VERY FIRST TIME - I played the secretary to the producer, who is the love interest of the accountant, and who also saves the day when the film eventually becomes a hit ! In spite of what the last sentence sounds like, it was a small role, but I was on stage acting for the first time !! SUPER COOL !!

There was also a fashion show cum dance thing, where I danced on stage for the first time as well. Yeah, it was a day of firsts !

Anyways, so I was busy practising the past few days, making sure I don't have a "screwed up on stage for the first time" appended to my list of firsts, and so I was busy.

Am off now to Aamchi Mumbai for Diwali celebrations, will be in Mumbai from 20th-24th, if you are going to be there as well, lets meet up ! Call me on my old Mumbai number, and not my new Delhi number.

Have a happy, prosperous, and safe Diwali, and don't add to the fireworks pollution !!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

MAM 7920

I still remember her with so much fondness. Dad had got her at a time when saving for a house was more important than a new car. She was a white Fiat. Second hand of course, but we loved her so much.

In the "wow, its not hot today" winter days of Mumbai, my sis and I religiously overslept, by mistake of course, because we knew that Dad would drop us to school "by car", even if we missed the bus.

I remember both of us running towards the car, to get to the front seat next to Papa, good reason for fights. I remember Papa cleaning the car, which we never offered help in. I remember taking the car to pick up Mom after her lectures got over late, and we went for dinner to Ganga Vihar and Vijay Vihar.

We sold our car when protecting it from street vandals became too much of a chore, but I miss our MAM 7920 a lot even now.


is so complicated...
Sometimes I wonder how it will all turn out ?