Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Crib Time

Driven by food cravings for salty food, I came out of IRL for "a few minutes" at 5 pm, and went to PVR Priya, a posh area in Delhi with a theatre and some really good restaurants.

Decided to try out some interesting looking Italian place called Sartoria, entered, and found it to be "a little on the expensive side". So we decided to order just 1 pasta dish, and share it, and maybe eat some more cheap food later to fill ourselves.

Our bill :
1 Pasta Alla Ristorante : 320
1 bottle of Water : 50
VAT : 50
Service Charges @ 12.5 percent : 50

Total : 470 Rs !!!

470 is almost 50% more than the advertised price of the pasta dish of 320.

Still a little pissed about the hidden charges. X(

And a little thankful that we didn't drink more water :)


  1. Seems cheap compared to Edinburgh :P

  2. there is a flaw in ur calc. - u cant add the cost of water and compare it to 320

  3. Werent u PhD apping? what happened ?