Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Diwali Dhamaka Dwitiya (DDD)

So the reason I haven't blogged in a while is that I have been busy.
With work of course.
But also with play.
Thats the Diwali Dhamaka play that I am talking about.

Diwali Dhamaka Dwitiya (DDD) was the Diwali celebration at IRL on the 14th of October - Dwitiya because it was arranged for the second time, of course.

There was a play "All The Best" about a film producer who tried to make a flop film and make more profits. I acted in a play for the VERY FIRST TIME - I played the secretary to the producer, who is the love interest of the accountant, and who also saves the day when the film eventually becomes a hit ! In spite of what the last sentence sounds like, it was a small role, but I was on stage acting for the first time !! SUPER COOL !!

There was also a fashion show cum dance thing, where I danced on stage for the first time as well. Yeah, it was a day of firsts !

Anyways, so I was busy practising the past few days, making sure I don't have a "screwed up on stage for the first time" appended to my list of firsts, and so I was busy.

Am off now to Aamchi Mumbai for Diwali celebrations, will be in Mumbai from 20th-24th, if you are going to be there as well, lets meet up ! Call me on my old Mumbai number, and not my new Delhi number.

Have a happy, prosperous, and safe Diwali, and don't add to the fireworks pollution !!

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