Wednesday, October 04, 2006

MAM 7920

I still remember her with so much fondness. Dad had got her at a time when saving for a house was more important than a new car. She was a white Fiat. Second hand of course, but we loved her so much.

In the "wow, its not hot today" winter days of Mumbai, my sis and I religiously overslept, by mistake of course, because we knew that Dad would drop us to school "by car", even if we missed the bus.

I remember both of us running towards the car, to get to the front seat next to Papa, good reason for fights. I remember Papa cleaning the car, which we never offered help in. I remember taking the car to pick up Mom after her lectures got over late, and we went for dinner to Ganga Vihar and Vijay Vihar.

We sold our car when protecting it from street vandals became too much of a chore, but I miss our MAM 7920 a lot even now.


  1. I miss my Zen too. More, I miss my Ikon. First cars have a certain sheen to them.. you never find it elsewhere :)

  2. MH 06 F 9171.
    My Esteem. Sadly drowned on July 26th, 2005, and was revived. Never to be same again. Sold it off this May. I can empathize.

  3. u made me remind of those days whn i too used to fight with my sis whn v got aour first car and it's stll thr...n tht fight 4 the front seat, for the window side, i miss those days.....

  4. i still fight with my sis coz front seat holds the key to the radio channel.
    but ya first car is always the best - me and my sis cld sleep on the back seat -(loking at the stars)- dad wld carry us home
    good times