Monday, November 20, 2006


I recently got a mail :

From : delivery
Subject : Important information regarding your loan: ID EHPI883
Your refinance application has been accepted. We are ready to give you a loan.
After further review, our lenders have esstablished your locked rate as low as 3.87%
Please finalize everything by visiting our Secure Web-Form
Upon receiving your submission you will be contacted shortly via phone/email.

This mail is SPAM of course, but it's not obvious that it is. All that it has is regular text from an ordinary email, and asks you to click on a link.
And Gmail marked it as SPAM. In spite of no "obvious spam words". In spite of no "nonsensical words or phrases"

Wonder how.


  1. Well, spam detection is not just word or phrase based. There is an entire set of email ids, and domain names that are classified as spam origins based on past history, and other data collected through other means.

  2. i thght they classify it as spam when it goes to a bunch of ppl together
    like smtimes my bank statements are classified as spam
    but i really dnt knw much

  3. a lot of spam-detection is based on volume of mesgs with similar content.. of course, this option of classifying spam was only available to the big players like yahoo as they could correlate messages coming to many different ppl with similar content.. the fact that gmail is also doing this probably means that gmail also now has enough userbase to use such volume based techniques..