Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy Feet

Watched the movie at PVR Priya at the unearthly hour of 10:40 am on a Saturday morning.
Yeah, _a.m._, not p.m. Saturday Morning.

But well, I had a LOT of fun. Its a v cute movie, cute songs, great animation.
In short, lots of fun !
Do watch it in a theatre, if possible :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

My Mumma

When I close my eyes and think of her, I first see her smile. Smiling, laughing, eyes crinkling up - her whole face glows when she smiles.

A whole lot of memories flash by :
- Mom cooking daal and rice in the kitchen, and Jisha and I sitting on the floor cutting tomatoes slowly slowly for the gravy, fussing about trying to cut the perfect square pieces without making a BIG mess.
- Mom singing Hanuman chalisa while cooking - even now, hanuman chalisa makes me think of food and mom :)
- Mom waking me up at 6:15 am, so she could make my ponytails for school and then go to work at 6:20.
- Mom shouting at us for not cleaning the room, for not changing out of our uniforms after coming back from school, for not washing our white canvas shoes on Thursday and Sunday, for not washing our hair on Thursday.
- Mom and us in Esselworld, in the cups and saucers ride .... mom telling us, keep laughing and you won't get scared. And you know what, we kept laughing and really didn't get scared.
- Mom taking us to Ganga Vihar and Vijay Vihar for dinner after a hard days work.
- Mom shouting at me for reading too many novels. :)) But getting me a library subscription anyways :)
- Mom buying me my birthday dress. And making me cake. And putting up balloons and calling the neighbours over for my budday party.
- Mom taking care of me when I am sick. Patting my forehead, pressing my legs, giving me medicine.
- Mom taking me to my first parlor visit to get my legs waxed for a big school function.
- Mom making tea for me, giving me hot food when I am studying.
- Mom making us do jhaadu-pocha as punishment when we were naughty and the servant had bunked :))
- Mom exercising to the Spice Girls album in her yellow tee. :)
- Mom putting oil in my hair and trying to get rid of the lice when I got them at school :( - I was given a bribe of one 5-star for each day that I let her pull the lice out of my hair - imagine !! she had to bribe me for letting her help me !
- Mom treating us to bhelpuri and sandwich and mysore masala dosa in her college.
- Mom walking to Shivaji Park, and us walking along, and having lassi later at the Aarey milk store.
- Mom telling me to sleep on time the night before an exam, and me trying to stay awake the whole night cause I hadn't finished studying :)

Mom laughing, mom teaching, mom cooking, mom feeding, mom taking care ....

Miss you mom here... Have a wonderful wonderful birthday !

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sarojini Nagar Market

Sarojini Nagar is "supposed" to be the cheap market in Delhi. Its not really, but its still a lot of fun. I went to Sarojini the first time to buy "cheap household stuff". Like bucket, mug, shampoo, linen, curtains, etc etc. Got TOTALLY ripped off by the guy. Me thinks it was too obvious that I am not from Delhi and have no clue how expensive is stuff. :) Have gone there a few more times since then, a little wiser about the ways of SN, and its always been fun.

This week, I have gone to Sarojini twice already, with a third round expected on the weekend for winter clothes shopping. Got a red jacket, a black overcoat, a v hep cap, socks, stockings, still to buy gloves and mufflers.

Today's quote of the day by Bo Derek :
Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.

Have a great day !

Friday, December 08, 2006


This weekend was a lot of fun !! Our Diwali Dhamaka play director, Amit, gave a party at his place on Saturday. Lots of people, lots of fun - we played dumb-Cs and Twister and laughed a lot, and had good food from Naivaidyam. And after dinner, relaxed with some tea, and desserts, and everyone sang... I sang "Nanha Munha Raahi hoon" :D

Yesterday, I went shopping !! I bought a pressure cooker, and a jacket for the cold, and some other stuff. Tested the cooker by boiling potatoes and peas and making some really interesting and tasty sandwiches for dinner. :)

Watched Omkara (again), and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I liked the jerkiness in Eternal Sunshine a lot, shaking cameras, jerky scenes, sweet concept, though a little depressing. The idea that someone can be so right for you, and yet so wrong is scary indeed !!

It made me wonder how easy would it be to actually forget someone? Maybe you can destroy your diary, and the gifts you received and the things you bought together. But what about the rest ? What about the jokes cracked about the pillow covers, or the compliments given for a sweater? What about times spent together putting up the curtains or cooking or eating at a particular place or discussing a particular topic? Will you forget that you ever ate at a restaurant, or that "someone" taught you about a particular concept or that you had ever watched a movie ??

Todays song for the day :
Beedi jaleyle jigar se peeya...
Jigar ma lagi aag hai :D

Big Chill Cafe

The name says it all. The perfect place to chill out, eat some good food, check out all the interesting movie posters they have on their wall, and end it all with some brilliant chocolate dessert(s). The first time I went to Big Chill, I spent around half an hour just staring at their menu. Its soo pretty, and big, and everything on it sounds soo good !! :)

My favorite food there of course would be the soup, and the brownie with chocolate fudge sauce. Their Missisipi Mud Pie is also great, with peanut butter and oreos and fudge sauce... ummm ... I am getting hungry already ....

Will leave you with my song for the day.

Bawnra man dekhne chala ek sapna...
es sayani bheed mein bas haathon mein tera haath ho.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Time heals all wounds.
Time makes you forget all …

Unfortunately, it makes you forget the good stuff as well.
That’s what this blog was all about – me trying to keep a record of all the good times, which hasn’t happened since I have moved to Delhi, so I am trying to get back on track. Everyday for the next one week, I will remember the good times here, so when I am older by a year, and have forgotten everything, I can come back here and check what fun Delhi was. :)

Today’s post is about the most fun place of all – my kitchen. Coming back from office, tired and hungry, the kitchen is a great place to relax. You can beat the eggs and hit the dough and take out your frustration by bashing the vegetables with a sharp knife, and get good food at the end of it :P What more can anyone ask for ??

And of course, cooking also means shopping. Yesterday Kudrat and I went shopping, for monthly groceries. We got 2 packets of cheese spread, and 4 cheese cubes, and half a kilo (that’s 500gm) of Mayo. And after we came home, we had a _serious_ discussion about how we would not finish all the cheese by Saturday :P and will ration it, so it lasts the whole month :))

We came back home and had macroni with cheese (what else), and then I went out to a birthday party. And when I came back, Kudrat and I had bread and cheese as a midnight snack. :)

And breakfast today was mayo and mushrooms on bread - a v interesting sandwich indeed...

OK, that’s it for today. More happenings on Delhi tomorrow. Till then, stay tuned, and listen to this brilliant song :

Every rose has its thorn….
Just like every night has its dawn.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Have been busy with Ph.D. applications for the past 2 weeks. And busy with some other office work before that :)

Hopefully will be free-er now for a couple of weeks atleast :) (Thats the hope)

In other news, Happy Birthday to Hitesh. Hope the old age is making you wiser as well :P