Thursday, December 07, 2006

Time heals all wounds.
Time makes you forget all …

Unfortunately, it makes you forget the good stuff as well.
That’s what this blog was all about – me trying to keep a record of all the good times, which hasn’t happened since I have moved to Delhi, so I am trying to get back on track. Everyday for the next one week, I will remember the good times here, so when I am older by a year, and have forgotten everything, I can come back here and check what fun Delhi was. :)

Today’s post is about the most fun place of all – my kitchen. Coming back from office, tired and hungry, the kitchen is a great place to relax. You can beat the eggs and hit the dough and take out your frustration by bashing the vegetables with a sharp knife, and get good food at the end of it :P What more can anyone ask for ??

And of course, cooking also means shopping. Yesterday Kudrat and I went shopping, for monthly groceries. We got 2 packets of cheese spread, and 4 cheese cubes, and half a kilo (that’s 500gm) of Mayo. And after we came home, we had a _serious_ discussion about how we would not finish all the cheese by Saturday :P and will ration it, so it lasts the whole month :))

We came back home and had macroni with cheese (what else), and then I went out to a birthday party. And when I came back, Kudrat and I had bread and cheese as a midnight snack. :)

And breakfast today was mayo and mushrooms on bread - a v interesting sandwich indeed...

OK, that’s it for today. More happenings on Delhi tomorrow. Till then, stay tuned, and listen to this brilliant song :

Every rose has its thorn….
Just like every night has its dawn.


  1. it is not time that lets u forget all..

    it is a more powerful memory/thought that sends the less powerful memory to the background.. of course, time (typically) reduces the hold that a memory has on us, allowing other thoughts to take over..

    I would have eaten only cheese untill u put that chocolate on the table..

  2. there is another way to look at this

    - ur mind is always making a choice and storing the important data. so if the good times are not that important for ur memory banks to store then they probably dont represent times when u hv been truly happy - in other words - survival of the fittest

    man i can twist smthng so simple - (i am just jealous probably)

  3. watch out for those calories.. mayo, cheese and more cheese :O :O :P :D