Friday, December 08, 2006


This weekend was a lot of fun !! Our Diwali Dhamaka play director, Amit, gave a party at his place on Saturday. Lots of people, lots of fun - we played dumb-Cs and Twister and laughed a lot, and had good food from Naivaidyam. And after dinner, relaxed with some tea, and desserts, and everyone sang... I sang "Nanha Munha Raahi hoon" :D

Yesterday, I went shopping !! I bought a pressure cooker, and a jacket for the cold, and some other stuff. Tested the cooker by boiling potatoes and peas and making some really interesting and tasty sandwiches for dinner. :)

Watched Omkara (again), and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I liked the jerkiness in Eternal Sunshine a lot, shaking cameras, jerky scenes, sweet concept, though a little depressing. The idea that someone can be so right for you, and yet so wrong is scary indeed !!

It made me wonder how easy would it be to actually forget someone? Maybe you can destroy your diary, and the gifts you received and the things you bought together. But what about the rest ? What about the jokes cracked about the pillow covers, or the compliments given for a sweater? What about times spent together putting up the curtains or cooking or eating at a particular place or discussing a particular topic? Will you forget that you ever ate at a restaurant, or that "someone" taught you about a particular concept or that you had ever watched a movie ??

Todays song for the day :
Beedi jaleyle jigar se peeya...
Jigar ma lagi aag hai :D


  1. What is scary is that so very often, people do do these things.. they try to forget; for whatever reasons - whether to block, whether to live.. or just out of spite.

    Minds should never be spotless..

  2. And at the end, if you are meant to be together, no amount of forgetting or anything is going to help. And forgetting someone close is next to impossible. And even if that someone is wrong, the thing that makes up for it is that that someone is so right as well.

  3. u r not supposed to forget - if u consciously try to forget it means u regret those times. again let ur unconscious mind make these tough decisions for u :)
    nobody is perfect for ne1 - no fun in tht neways

  4. dont try and u will forget it..
    try to forget and u won't;
    for u will change the memory itself, exaggerating it more, whether it is happiness or sorrow..

    left to itself, sooner or later, a more powerful memory will drive out a fading-with-time memory unless u keep on thinking abt it; evolving it and strengthen it all the time.